What is a Type 2 Volkswagen?

Camping can be luxurious and safe if you take along a Camper van with you. Volkswagen has the most idealist vehicle models among the many recreational camper vans that run the rough roads today. Volkswagen has many generations and types under this category. In this article we are going to talk about the Type 2 which was launched in 1950 by this German auto maker. Type 2 is also called Microbus. These vehicles are some of the superior quality vehicles that the world has ever seen. No wonder why Brett Belan from Ashland, Oregon chose the Type 2 VG microbus to re-design it into a solar powered high performance vehicle.

Introducing Brett Belan: the man who redefined VG

Brett has a mechanical engineering degree from Michigan Technology University and is fascinated by clean power. He converted thus a 1973 VG camper bus with sun powered electricity and travelled 1400 miles along Oregon and California coast in 2016 with his family. His successful travel is a guarantee card that his technology can make an ideal companion for your upcoming camping trip. Brett has formed a company called Apparent energy with the idea of designing more fuel efficient and clean energy electric vehicles. He is the lead engineer as well as the CTO of this company. Belan has featured in various reputed online magazines Mother Earth news and Home Power.

How was it all done?

The VG camper conversion has been hand crafted by Brett Belan and his wife Kira. Superior grade materials have been used. The salient points in this discussion:

  1. He used a 1973 VG camper bus model.
  2. He built an electric engine that could be driven by a solar power.
  • He replaced the gas engine with this new engine and built a new battery set up.
  1. He installed a solar array sheet on top of the bus. The array sheet consists ofLG panels with 4305 LG watt power. In the frontal part of the microbus 1,220 watt array pivots has been installed.  The actuators can help the panel to tilt at an angle of 40 degree so that maximum energy can be derived. The spaciousness of the roof of this vehicle was an added advantage for this conversion. The solar panel could be put to use when the vehicle is in halt. The pop-up tent has been customized completely. This van needs to be moved so that the solar panel can get an optimum sun exposure.
  2. Belan has cleverly installed 4 drok DC-DC converters that act help to increase the power of the solar panels from 40V to 55V.
  3. It takes a little longer than one full day to fully charge the battery. A full charged battery can help you drive smoothly for 15 to 20 miles within the city.

The conversion has been successful as apparent from its usage by the family during their camping trips.


A VG that runs on solar power is the most ideal vehicle for luxurious camping. It is a very thoughtful thought considering the kind of pollution our vehicles induce into the atmosphere every day.  This kind of conversion of fuel driven vehicles into solar powered ones is indeed a significant scientific step towards the manufacture of clean energy vehicles. Brett Belan has manufactured a simple yet smart generation next vehicle that runs

on a renewable and clean energy.


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