First it was Orkut that revolutionized the way to interact with strangers. Yes, millions of people hooked to Orkut for connecting with friends, family or even strangers. Kids also took a sneak-peak into it by getting past their real personal details and home computer’s security settings. Then came Facebook, the ultimate ‘King’ of social media till date, which brought almost the whole world on a single platform. However, many other platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram added to our social media in the past few years. But what’s next? Let’s have a look at some of the social media sites that would pop up in this year to take us to a new level of business and personal socializing.

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Top 5 Social Media Platforms to Rule in 2017


Created by Todd Berger and Paul Budnitz in the year 2014, Ello is a completely ad-free social networking platform. Unlike Facebook and other networking sites, Ello doesn’t manifest on website model, rather it’s a purely app-based. If we talk about the next best thing in social media in 2017, Ello definitely gets the hand up and the most impressive thing is, it doesn’t track and sell user data. This is ‘The Creators Network’ that doesn’t treat its users as ‘Products’.


We know it’s not a new platform for users, but businesses have not yet tapped it for promotion. Instagram runs on visual content and this can be an added advantage for the business owners in the year 2017. You can interact with your existing as well as prospective customers through this app by posting visuals of your products and that with ‘no cost’ at all. You can offer a personal touch to your customers using creative posts. In 2015, Instagram was used by 32.3% US business owners for marketing, which rose to 48.8% in 2016. So, gear for giving visuals to your business!


It’s been around for years now, Snapchat has greater potential for business promotion that has not yet been recognized by the companies. The latest facial recognition feature has opened the gates for the companies to introduce their own content snippets for promotion. Only few companies had used this platform last year to advertise their business in between small news snippets created by the users. However, it’s going to be a wonderful platform for the small and regional companies to advertise their products using short snippets as per the user’s geographical location.


This live video streaming app, owned by Twitter, seems to be the platform that doesn’t require you to spend more time on analysing things. This app allows you to use your existing Twitter account and follow your same contacts where you can watch short videos instantly and even upload and broadcast your own videos. Isn’t it a new way to promote your brand?


Google has reinvented its social media platform and this new Google+ let the content to be centred around like-minded rather than focusing on creating relationships. It allows users to create a collection of content that fascinates them, which they can share in the communities having like-minded people. Using the data and the user’s behaviour, Google+ creates a highly engaging and useful content stream, tailored to every user. Reason for re-emergence of Google+ is the continual investment by Google. Keep checking it!

All these social media platforms are really powerful, if used for right purpose and with right marketing strategy.