In current times, India is booming with manpower and technology. This is evident with the dynamic ecosystem of the country that is thriving with start-ups. However, this flourishing trend of the country does not only benefit the local business system, but also making its way to the foreign land. Yes, India’s performance in the worldwide outsourcing market is quite impressive.

If we look at the facts and figures, NASSCOM (National Association of Software & Service Companies) stated that almost 50% of Fortune Companies prefer India as the top outsourcing destination. But what are the factors that led India to be the foremost destination for outsourcing. Let’s put light on the top factors of this dominance.



India remains the top outsourcing destination for the following reasons:

1. Extremely talented pool of talent

In the country where 3.1 million skilled professionals employed every year, you can imagine how much workforce is ready to jump in outsourcing per year. Moreover, the employees are trained to deal with the foreign clients efficiently.

2. High quality services consistently

High quality work is the key to success of Indian workforce. This is the most important factor that led foreign clients to choose Indian workforce to outsource their work. Professionals here are extremely creative and talented with good speed of working.

3. Flexible pricing

Isn’t it lucrative to get an employee that is available at low cost? Yes, it is, and this is what makes Indian employees favourable worldwide. Low cost doesn’t mean cheap work, but it is due to the fact that personnel cost in India is quite low as compared to developed countries. However, the work even at the lost cost is excellent and allows you to save lots of money!

4. Quick work delivery

Indian workforce is always on time! You know why? This is due to the difference in time zones that Indian employees are able to deliver work on time. US is almost 10 hours behind Indian time, hence when a US client wakes up, the work from an Indian employee is on his desk!

5. Lucrative IT policies by stable Indian government

All thanks to the current Indian government that the IT sector is among the top 5 prominent industries in India. With some pro-IT policies for the improvement of the sector, the task of getting work from foreign clients has become much easier.

6. Fastest growing economy

Under the stable government, India is among the largest and fastest growing economies in the world. With 51% share in GDP, India’s service sector is highly developing, giving birth to large workforce.

7. Increasing technological capabilities

We never imagined that communicating with the foreign clients will be so easy as it is now. Skype, Team Viewer and many other web applications have provided uninterrupted communication with the clients, round-the-clock.

8. Improved infrastructure

India is a changed land now! With enhanced ISPs, world-class telecom services, technology parks and strong mobile networks in every major city has made India a highly-upgraded country. And who doesn’t want to work with such an advanced country?

9. Leading IT and software industry

Isn’t it great to know that among 23 SEI -CMM Level 5 companies worldwide, 15 are Indian. Even NASSCOM predicted that country will soon become the destination with highest number of software companies with ISO-9000 certification.

10. Strong governing framework

India has robust governing framework for IT and outsourcing industry including IT department and Ministry of Communications and IT that make effective policies for the betterment of the industry.

With all these strong points, India has got the immense recognition worldwide, in terms of outsourcing, but looking for a reliable and efficient outsourcing company is a challenge. It is like finding a pin in the husk! However, there are many service providers that have lessened every challenge. One such provider is La’ Quest!

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