2016 was the year that has witnessed several diminutive food revolutions and some interesting launches of restaurants all over the world. Technology has also entered the food sector with a bang to enable restaurant and food business owners maintaining a pace with the current advancement. However, with the start of 2017, the predictions from the industry experts have started coming out regarding the new food business trends of 2017.

In last few years, we have observed various changing trends in global food industry from healthy eating to live cooking; but now we can expect some major changes that can reform the entire industry. With young generation stepping out frequently to dine at restaurants of their choice, food business owners are expecting this New Year to be completely dedicated to this Generation Z. However, many big things are coming on your plate in 2017, so read on to comprehend the new food business trends and know what new stuff is brewing as per renowned food experts.

Dining goes photo-friendly

Earlier, eating out was considered a private affair with some personal moments, but with the introduction of social media, people are now clicking selfie’s and even groupfie’s with their food. So, restaurants are going more bright and photo-friendly to keep up this new trend. 2017 will see more designer dishes with colourful ingredients that would look awesome when clicked!

Straight from farm!

This one is the most interesting things to happen as foodies will now be able to get the fresh produce straight from the farm. Most of the foodies are now switching to healthy eating habits and this trend would surely tickle their taste buds. Chefs are now picking the fresh ingredients from the local farms and incorporating in their cooking to deliver some exceptionally made delectable dishes. Now no more pesticide laden veggies, fruits and meats you will get on your plate, but all the produce will be organic safe for your system.

It’s for Generation Z

As of late, younger generation is becoming more independent and taking out time to dine with their folks hence restaurants are taking necessary steps to cater to their choice. Unlike older generation, youth are experimental and desire to try new dishes every time. Fast food like regular pizza, burgers are passé with exotic dishes taking over. Moreover, the restaurants are also planning to appeal the Generation z in 2017 with decked up dining place having loud music, high-tech service, proper lighting and even there will be moving visuals to entertain all.

Emphasizing the ‘human’ aspect

Personalized or live cooking has been there for quite a long time, but in 2017 the restaurant owners are going a step ahead by putting in the ‘human’ factor in their dishes. Now you can consult directly with the chef regarding the taste and ingredients you want in your dish and the most authentic dish will be on your table straight from chef’s hands!

‘Crafted’ cocktails will be in

Like dishes have been crafted, now cocktails will be crafted using the fresh ingredients. Its highly innovative, but this will be the trendiest thing in 2017. Have you ever thought of ‘smoked’ or ‘grilled’ cocktails? Yes, now expert Mixologists would serve your some imaginative cocktails with lots of fresh and homemade flavours crafted using distinct preparation techniques.

Ultramodern cooking

Molecular Epicureanism became an acquainted part of our gastronomic lexicon in 2016, and as per the experts, this trend is here to stay. With more futuristic cooking techniques like pressure grilling, compressing, cryogenic freezing and dehydrating; chefs are now ready to experiment everything in the high-tech kitchen. Even the highly under rated ingredients like pumpkin, turnip and Kohl Rabi are now making their way as the side dishes to complement the exotic food. Chefs are also looking forward to play hard with poultry, seafood and meat in some innovative ways.

Special diets

Organic food is the one thing that would rule our gastronomy in the year 2017, but people are now looking for their special diet foods even when go out. The nutrition buzzword is tinkling the restaurants and they are ready to offer certain popular diets like Vegan food, Kosher diet and even Gluten free dishes.

Food Blending

Eatable drinks are on your way this year! Yes, you can now expect your bottled drinks to be chewy and loaded with fresh veggies and fruits to savour. This is what we call the read ‘Food Fusion’!

Dwindling of traditional sit-down eateries

With technology going viral in food industry, there will be a huge decline in the market of classic fast food chains and sit-up restaurants. There will be more ‘Meal on Wheels’ and ‘Online food service chains’ in 2017 as people prefer to have Fast casual dining rather than having Fast Food. Traditional eateries will have hard time keeping the pace with new ideas!
Companies are interminably trying to attract customers as 2017 is expected to be a booming year for the food industry that would further give rise to a steep competition between the giants. So, let’s wait and watch for some exciting gastronomical deals!