Users who got the new iPhone 8 and fired up Skype were in for a surprise when the application did not work as expected. Users are unable to connect to Skype, and the application crashes at launch. Microsoft has acknowledged the issue and has indicated that it has found a fix. The fix is in the process of being tested before the update is pushed out. A video of the problem can be seen below.

Skype Logo

The Skype website initially said, “We are aware of issues where users are unable to connect to Skype on the new iPhone8. Our engineers are actively investigating the issue and we hope to resolve it as soon as possible.” An update then said, “A fix has been developed and we are currently testing before rolling out to production.”

Skype has not provided further details on what exactly the problem is. The iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus will be available in India from 29 September, and will be priced at Rs 64,000 and Rs 73,000 respectively.

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