The innovations in online world and ever-changing digital landscape have altered business practices in several ways. This transformed business scenario has offered a complete different set of contemplations or reflections for leaders and managers, in terms of marketing, HR and many other fields of business. Online training, portals for staff management, performance meters etc. are some of the tools that have become the regulars for the managers. Moreover, the online payroll system and web-based MIS mean that paperless general management is the new buzz word today.

Digital world has put in a lot of novelty and modernization in the ‘General Management’ within the companies. Now managers and leaders are no more dependent on the availability of all personnel for trainings and reporting, rather they can reach a wider audience through eLearning and webinars. These tech-based solutions do not require the personnel to be available physically and allow everyone to access quality training.
Online HR and management tools have even open the doors for the curious individuals and innovators to enter in the business world by taking cues from eLearning apps. Additionally, the influential managers and leader can share their views and inspire other globally, using the web-based apps.

Some traditional issues of management like effective team building, training and development of employees and reporting of employees can be successfully addressed using the digital tools. Using these tools, an employee can work even from home or any other location other than the company office. Similarly, the manager can supervise the employees without even being physically present in the office. However, the managers and leaders as well as the employees must be carefully trained to use these digital tools efficiently!
Digital world is constantly changing and gradually surpassing the need of general management within the companies.