‘Instagram Live’ is now live 

Instagram is updating and has rolled out new feature called live video streaming. With which one can add live streaming on Instagram and get connected with friends instantly. Video stays on for 24 hours and then disappears automatically. So incase while broadcasting any of your friends has missed out your live streaming, they can watch it within next 24 hours.

Instagram daily active user count has increased up to 250 million and monthly users up to 700 million after it released live video streaming feature. Though this feature is clone for snapchat, users now have choice to choose on what they want to share their stories.

With its new creative tool for location stories, Instagram has made it easier to share any moment and uncover any story from account. Initially stories used to disappear soon after it has finished its broadcast, which kind of used to create urgency for watching video at the same time. But now you will find play button on your live-streamed video for next 24 hours, which will let your friends watch your stream for some time. This change has encouraged lot of people to broadcast their video as they can attract larger audience by keeping the video around for next 24 hours. With this feature Instagram has added more 50 million users in past 2 months.

Instagram-Live- for - everyone
Instagram Live

3 seconds count down

With Instagram Live you don’t have to be ready the moment you click live button, it gives you few seconds to get prepared for live video streaming.

Choose your audience

You can control your audience for your live streaming video and can hide it from some of your friends. In your story settings “Hide Story From” will let you select people you don’t want to share your story with.

Control comments

People comment on videos but everyone has difference humor and you might not want to keep some of the comments on your live stream. Instagram live allows you to simply choose comments you want to keep along with your stream. You can hide desired comments from your video, which you find inappropriate. You can also pin the comments you like or turn of all the comments all together.

Turning off notifications

You might not want to see everyone’s live streaming, Instagram Live allows you turn off notifications of people whose live video streaming does not interest you.

Saving your recorded videos

Like stories live videos get disappear soon after you finish your broadcast. It allows you save your recorded video. It will be saved to your camera and will not be available on app any more. Only live video will get saved and not the comments and viewers details.