Social Media in Today’s Time

Today social media has extended its reach to all age groups. At present half of the world is already online. Laptops, palmtops, smart phones help us to stay connected all the time. Be it a curiosity, Leisure or business, people spend lot of time on social websites. Internet plays key role in IT business and hence restricting people from using social media was a big challenge for employers. But is it really advisable to restrict it? These days when all the facilities are provided by smart phones, restricting employees from using social media would not be considered fruitful decisions. Many companies still prevent its use at work though.

If used effectively, social media can help create cohesive work atmosphere and improves team bonding. Instead of restricting, companies need to have good internet use policies to benefit from social media. Such online engagements of employees can make a huge difference in the way we collaborate, communicate and do business.

Today Social media is not limited to promote brands but also involved in powerful management tools. Such tools help create better workflow and improve communication between team. It helps improve communication, collaboration, Promotional activities and Team Bonding.


Team includes group of people who have different mind sets, interest, knowledge and skills. Their ambitions differ. People tend to communicate with other people with similar likings. But it is very important for team members to communicate which will foster their creativity skills. Environment of openness helps employees concentrate better on work. Freedom in work and healthy communication among team members helps employees outperform in their skills and boosts company’s growth.


Social media is invaluable instrument for more effective collaboration. Team Leader can help with team collaborating activities but there is nothing more effective than natural collaboration. Freedom at work helps employee learn collaboration skills more faster and implement them effectively in daily routines.

Team Bonding

It offers a good team building experience. It offers platform for team members to communicate and share their ideas and creativity. It helps create bond between team members located at geographical different locations.

Promotional activities

Recent studies shows, companies who give more freedom with work outperforms better than companies who restrict employees. Employees are the best promoters of company. More healthy communications among employees result in powerful and positive outcomes.

Growth of company depends on the work done by the employees and not numbers of hours spend by employees on their desk. Use of social media helps relax employees from their stressful work and also boosts them up from boredom of routine work. It helps them express their thoughts and fights depression by freedom of speech.

Restricting social media on employee’s desk cannot stop them using it. Today in this smart phone era access of information has become faster and people can easily connect with each other at any point of time. There are definitely some drawbacks with liberation of social media but can be overcome by its effective use. Today many IT hubs allow their employees to use social media at work. Their aim is to provide freedom of work to their employees in every way. The more creative freedom employees have, better they perform




Picture Credit- Pexels