Foldable Laptop

Foldable screens, stylus, voice commands, always connected, always on, bigger screens, no traditional keyboard and many more are the key features of the futuristic laptops showed off by Lenovo at Transform Event in New York City. Its 9.1 inch stretchable display which can be flexed both sides seems to be a ludicrous vision for future laptops by Lenovo.

Lenovo Ideapad Yoga
Lenovo Ideapad Yoga

Lenovo talks about its past, present and future technologies. Glimpse of futuristic laptop given by lenovo caught everyone’s eye. It’s just a concept for now, but it looks very good and futuristic. Its bendable not from hinges but actually foldable like paper. This flexible display concept is way beyond its YOGA and FLEX models.

Though Lenovo did not talk about the advanced material they will be using for their foldable screen, but it seems possible with OLED technologies. These days OLED technology is been used with Smartphone’s. It’s good to see futuristic design displayed by lenovo but we cannot expect Lenovo to release such model anytime sooner. We have seen bendable screen designs with smart phones since years from many tech experts but we don’t have them in real in our daily lives yet.


With Stylus pointing stick and voice command, building this product seems even more challenging. Though we can notice built-in keyboard and attachable mouse facilities with it, we do not know to what extend Lenovo is planning this fully voice-controlled device with present advanced technology. Task like navigating between browser seems unrealistic and frustrating with only voice controlled systems. Few voice controlled virtual assistance like Siri, Cortana, Alexa are used these days but they operate at very basic level.


Lenovo mentioned use of “new screen technologies” and “advanced materials” for building this technology. It is not the first time company has advertised its dream of building bendable screen. Last year company had showed off bendable smart phone which can bend over wrist and still can stay on but it has not managed to release any such product in market yet. It can take years for foldable screen smart phones and laptops to hit tech markets.

“Always connected, always on” defines the current required nature of technology. If Lenovo can convert this design into reality, it will bring wild revolution in tech world. It will be hard for technology geeks to wait for this handy laptop. Not sure if company has already started working on this new design, but this design reveals the dream and vision of company for its future gadgets.

Picture Credits – Lenovo