Augmented reality is thenext big thing for Facebook, as confirmed by Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg at F8 conference on Tuesday.

As of late AR has been tagged as the emerging technology being used by Microsoft, Apple and Snapchat. However, these app giants are yet to offer their technology to the outside developers. Zuckerberg, who always lookout for something exclusive and ahead of the pack, is now overseeing the future of Facebook on this nascent AR technology. He divulged the “Camera Effects Platform”. Now what’s this?

Facebook's Killer move to 'Kick out' Screen Devices

Camera Effects Platform is a new offering for the outside developers by Facebook, which enables them to create their own AR apps than can be assessed from the existing camera of Facebook app. Remember the ‘Pokémon Go’ appearance? It’s actually the same thing for which Facebook is coming forward with more excitement for developers!

Although Zuckerberg has not yet been able to develop its own dependable operating system for smartphones, with his announcements in the conference, he is hitting the tech world hard. Instead of an OS, he is trying to develop a whole universe of applications that would not require any smartphone marketplace to be downloaded. However, to make this happen in full swing, Zuckerberg has to put huge efforts for a whole decade, but it’s a start of a new age where the future of smartphones and other screen devices is catastrophic.

In the conference, Zuckerberg went little ahead of times and gave a slight idea of his vision. He showed how a standard looking eye glasses can be your aid to see a ‘virtual screen’ on an empty wall of your living room. Yes, it is true and it actually showed by him in a demo there. The screen can be bigger than your biggest television screen and it’s only at the cost of $1. This is truly amazing!

It’s not just that you can buy only a ‘TV’ at this cost, it can be a tablet, laptop, smartphone, smartwatch or any other screen device. Now with this new Facebook vision, we really don’t need physical stuff.

Although it’s a long road ahead, Mark Zuckerberg has already started a war of innovation with everybody!