Ever Wondered Who Actually Designed The Beautiful Tricoloured National Flag Of India?

I bet you don’t know!


We Indians love our country the most. Since our childhood, we are taught to stand whenever the National Anthem is played. So whether in a theatre or while walking on a road, if we hear the National Anthem from somewhere, we stand till it ends. And this is what shows our love towards India, our country.

Even during our days at schools, many chapters in course book were based on India’s history, culture and independence. From early childhood, we were taught to respect our country and everything related to the freedom movement.

As Independence Day is round the corner, WittyFeed brings you some of the lesser known facts about it. We all know who wrote our National Anthem – Jan Gan Man… We are even familiar with the person who wrote the National Song of India.

But while attending flag hoisting ceremony every year, seldom do we think of the people who designed our tricoloured National Flag.

Watch the space below to recall the people who brought our National Symbols into existence.

#National Anthem

India's national flag

Our National Anthem, ‘Jan Gan Man’, was written by Ravindra Nath Tagore in 1950.

#National Song

India's national flag

This soulful National Song of India, which when played fills our mind and soul with patriotism, was penned by well-known Bangla writer and poet Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay.  (Via:ScoopWhoop)

#National Flag

India's national flag

But do you know about the creator of India’s National Flag? The National Flag was designed by Pingali Venkaiah in 1921.

However, different theories prevail about how the design of tricolour came into being? Some say that it was created in 1916 with a ‘charkha’ (wheel) at its centre. But another research indicates something else.

Credit- Wittyfeed