Planning to storm the business world with your million-dollar idea? But are you sure that your business idea is worthy? Have you thought about the viability of your idea or you are trying to move ahead with a completely doomed idea?

Answer to these questions may disturb your business plan, but if you spend some time on these questions then you might save lot of bucks to go in drain. If you are looking forward for a successful start-up then you need a spark in your business idea, which can enlighten the lives of many. Fortunately, the likelihood of the success of your business idea can be validated with the following checklist.

Ensure the following points pr ior to investing your money, time and efforts on any idea:

  1. Problem-solver – If your idea is able to solve the problem you and your dear ones are facing then it might be a problem-solver for others as well. Go ahead with it!
  2. Your passion – This is the common, but the most crucial point while starting a business. If you are not passionate about what you are doing, you cannot continue for long.
  3. Marketing – Do you have strong marketing strategies for your idea. With a decent idea, you surely need a way to target your customers.
  4. Previous similar ideas –There might be some people who used this idea earlier. Did they succeed or fail? You can learn a lot from their experience.
  5. Benefits of your idea – Can you list out exclusive benefits of your idea? If you have enough good things about your idea then it’s worth considering.
  6. Paying customers – Will people pay for it? Your idea will just be an idea if you don’t have paying customers for it. So, ensure this point!
  7. Investors – Maybe you have enough money to launch your business, but a continuous flow of money is necessary to keep you going. Get some good investors and let them also benefit with your success.
  8. Niche market – Without a big niche market you cannot go on with your business idea. You must recognize a strong and large market to launch your business.
  9. Adaptation – Are you ready to adapt to ever-changing business scenario? Those who listen to others and take advice usually get success fast.
  10. Testing – Never launch your business without successful testing. This is the important stage for every start-up. Test on your family and friends and take their feedback.