Blog’ is not a new term these days as it was few years back. However, there are more than one reason to create a blog. Many people create blog as a personal journal to record their experiences and activities and to present them to the general public, while many professional bloggers create blogs to market some business or service. Such promotional blogs are often used by the website or business owners to advertise their products/services as an online marketing platform. This is called blog marketing.
Blog marketing is highly effective in putting a strong impact on audience minds, which is evident by the dramatic increase in the number of blog readers and followers in last few years. Some blogs even have millions of daily committed readers. So, businesses are now taking this trend seriously. Let’s see how you can implement blog marketing for your business promotion.

Advertising on Blogs

You must have seen banner ads, audio/video clippings, text links and even flash animation on blogs. All these are the advertisements that are placed on the blog by the blogger in exchange of some kind of payment by the advertiser. There are different types of ad formats that can be used by the blogger to get the payment. However, it is always recommended to put your ad on the most popular blog, having huge readership.

Viral Marketing

Some blog posts get viral very fast, due to their ‘catchy’ content. This nature of blogging can be strategically used for your marketing. You can create interesting text or audio/video about your business, to be posted on a popular blog from where the readers can view it and spread it to others. This will involve only a little cost, but the effect would be huge. Your business can get immense viewership within less period of time. Viral marketing can make your business a NEWS in short span!

Reviews and Recommendations

Readers highly trust the blogger they follow, hence a nod from a worthy blogger can assist you in having good number of sales. There are many trusted product reviewers and popular industry figures who maintain their personal blogs. Such blogs can be used for your product promotion through a review. Readers are likely to trust the reviews given by these bloggers and usually tend to buy that product/service. You can pay such trusted bloggers to write a review about your product/service.
While blog marketing seems to be a lucrative medium for online promotion, it can have adverse effects too. Yes, online information cannot be controlled and it can spread in any direction. So, try not to be objectionable and use this marketing medium for good promotion!