Do you often find yourself doing nothing over a long weekend? Do you end up spending time laying around on the couch and Netflixing because you could not be bothered to look up where to travel to on the internet? Do you hate yourself afterwards for wasting precious holidays and not going on globetrotting on an adventure just because you didn’t plan in advance? Don’t worry, no one relishes the thought of spending more time researching when they could be just watching some action movie and stuffing themselves with popcorns. For such weary souls who also secretly dream of traveling to exotic locations, Luckies of London have come up with the perfect solution.

Adventure Map For Taking Trips On Short Notice: The quiet world of maps underwent quite an upheaval in 2009 when the concept of scratch off maps was introduced to the world by Luckies. The idea was simple, you scratch off the places where you have been to create and display your very own map of the world. With the Adventure Map, Luckies have introduced a small twist; you don’t scratch off the places you have visited, you just scratch off the adventure. This scratch off map of the world has the following basic characteristics:

  • Dimensions of an A1 size poster (82.5 x 59.4 cm).
  • Matte black map of the world with a gorgeous copper coloured underlay with a luxury finish.
  • The materials used are premium quality with the laminate paper of 250 gsm.
  • Comes protected in a sturdy storing tube that can also double as a gift tube.
  • Pops Of Colours On Map: This map is littered with small numbered dots at different places around the world which are covered by colourful foils to make them stand out against the matte black. Once you have done that numbered adventure, all you have got to do it scratch off the numbered foil. The bucket list items are divided into four categories:
    • Nature
    • Adventure
    • Culture
    • Cuisine

This means there is something for everyone from those who want to eat gelato in Italy to those who want to go swimming with the Crocodiles in Australia. The adventures are listed in the legend section of the scratch map.

  • Booklet Full Of Adventures:We did say that you will not need to do any sort of planning if you get this map. This scratch off map comes with a small booklet filled with all the details of the 280 adventure list items on the map. Just like on the map, booklet is also divided into not only categories but also into regions to help you make the right choice easily.
  • Scratch Off With Care: Owing to the delicate and luxury finish treatment of this Adventure map, it is best to scratch off the bucket list items with an eraser so as to not damage the matte surface of the map.

Adventure Map is a scratch off map for those travellers who find the task of searching for things to do cumbersome.

Gloria Grass is an aspiring stage performer who has been acting in plays since she was a kid. She loves to unwind by going on small trips.