Alarm clocks are one of the most important things in today’s time. Researchers have shown that a tremendous amount of people stay up late due to their lifestyle these days and stay awake late in the wee hours as well.  Alarm clock plays an important part in people’s life today as they get them to work at proper time every day. I am sure everyone hates their alarm clock more than anything in their lives but alarm clock is the one thing which always comes to save their day.

Ruggie has been raising fund for building a one of its kind alarm clock. To shut it off you need to physically leave your bed and have to stand on that for about 3 seconds. Once it is shut off it will play some funny speeches and mocking sounds. It is a great way to be on time and those funny speeches are really chirpy and classic. I am sure it will give a kick start to everyone’s day.

Ruggie was raising funds for this on kickstarter and they have already raised sufficient funds to materialize this idea. Their total asked fund was raised by a total number of 3,349 backers and around CA$ 461,679 was raised.

And now I am also equally interested in this unique alarm clock. This project is now launched and now I just cannot wait for this unique alarm clock to come out in the market for sale.


Pic Courtesy: Ruggie